book and graphic design

book cover design

Your book’s cover is the window into your story. Its design should express both what a reader can expect, like genre and story type, and also spark the same emotions a reader will feel while reading.

print interior design

Reading is an immersive experience that extends to the page. A well, cleanly formatted book makes it easy for your reader to dive into your fictional world or spot gems in your non-fiction work.

ebook layout & design

The reader has full control of their digital experience; font type, text size, and spacing can all be adjusted by the reader. That’s why it is so important to create a flexible, reflowable ebook free of technical headaches for your readers to enjoy on any device.

website design

The design of your website has a direct impact on how long visitors stay on your site and how often they return. A site that is easy to navigate, well-presented, and responsive to the user allows visitors to truly focus on your content.

marketing material

Design doesn’t end with the book. Your marketing materials – both print and digital – are likely the first point of engagement for new readers. They should capture interest and provide information without giving it all away.

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