book marketing

author website

An author website can be used to showcase your work, share your story, and create a community of readers. In order to develop your brand and future marketing plans, your website is paramount.

email marketing

Email helps to grow your direct marketing approach for every book you publish. Your email marketing strategy is how to get people interested in signing up, what to send them, and how to automate the process so you can focus on writing.

social media

Developing and maintaining social media profiles on the platforms your readers are on will help to enhance your author branding and allow you to connect directly with fans and buyers. You can grow your audience and get to know them all at once!

influencer marketing

Sometimes working with someone else is the best way to grow your audience. Getting creative gives you options to leverage your network and tap into preexisting audiences, so that you’re not doing all the heavy sales lifting.


Advertising can help you discover new readers, grow your fan base, and boost your sales. With so many platforms and ways to measure success, you can test out campaigns to target your ideal audience.

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